hey i just got a new guitar ns well im not very good at it...i need a bit of help the amp i got only has these effects:

Overdrive: Drive 1-10, Level 1-10

Clean: Level 1-10

Equalizer: Treble:1-10, Middle 1-10, Bass 1-10

Reverb: Level 1-10

My guitar has two knobs a volume and tone both are numbered from 1-10
Its an SG guitar

i would like my guitar to sound like John mayer or like Santana, and angus young

What do i need to fix up or down.

Any help at all would be highly appreciated.
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There´s already an settings thread,but....
Is it a tube amp?

Then put the overdrive on 5-6,
Bass 7
Middle 4
Reverb 1-3
And use your bridge pickup

To sound like Angus Young
All i know is that Mayer (and i guess Santana too) only uses clean channel,and gets them distorted by pushing their tubes(in their "heavier" songs)