Hey pit, I need your help

I like to wrap my christmas presents in unconventional ways... usually involving layers of duct tape & hot glue... to enhance the joy of people presents

I want to get my sister really good this year... any ideas?
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Cement. Definatly
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Ram it up her ass. She'll never be prepared for it.
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make it as simple as one piece of tape...just make sure that there is an envelope of anthrax inside that is wired to blow up when the lid of the box is lifted.
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Simple. Don't even give her a present. Leave a note that says "I'm sorry, but your present is in another castle"
my dad once gave my sister a ring for xmas but wrapped it in at least 10 boxes
each bigger than the last and each individually wrapped. much of taken her 30 mins to get through it.
Get a Refrigerator box, fill it half way up with cement. Put a small gift like money on top of the cement, and wrap it.

and fill the empty space up with those Styrofoam ball things
And lots of bubble wrap
smear it with honey, put inside a beehive at night (the bees are sleeping) and tell her where to look.
or, pack a box inside a box inside a box and so on, and write in the smallest box a note reading: the cake is a lie.