hey i just got a new guitar ns well im not very good at it...i need a bit of help the amp i got only has these effects:

Overdrive: Drive 1-10, Level 1-10

Clean: Level 1-10

Equalizer: Treble:1-10, Middle 1-10, Bass 1-10

Reverb: Level 1-10

My guitar has two knows a volume and tone both are numbered from 1-10

i would like my guitar to sound like John mayer or like Santana, and angus young

What do i need to fix up or down.

Any help at all would be highly appreciated.
treb all the way up, bass low, and keep the middle in the middle. id go with a 6 or 7 on the drive and just play around with the reverb. that will give you a nice warm tone for some good jamin
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