I'm trying to replace 3 single coil pick ups with my two new humbuckers but I'm completely lost. At the moment i have the pick guard off, but I don't see how to take the wires out of the pick ups from the hole their slipped into. Sorry if I come off as a noob but I'm sleep deprived and quite lost, any help is much appreciated. I'm pulling but it won't come right out and I don't want to risk screwing it up.
If you're replacing the pickups the best thing to do is take the wire thats coming from the pickups and remove them from the pots they are connected to. The new pickups should have come with long enough cable to go from the pickups to the pots. You will need a soldering iron to do this as well.
Alright there's three wires coming from the pick ups, one from each. They all go to the switch pot. They're soldered together to three other short white wires that connect to another part of it. Do I just need to take out the wires coming from the pick ups or the short white parts as well?
I can't put pics on my computer. Basically what I mean is there're three wires that are coming from the pick ups that are soldered to three shorter white wires that's connected to the pot as well as the wires coming from the pick ups. I'm confused as to where to desolder.
Actually before you desolder anything, your guitar is routed for a humbucker humbucker configuration and you did buy a new pickguard right?
If I understand you right, I believe there's enough space for the humbucker but I didn't get a new pickguard. The guy at Guitar Center wasn't very helpful(I have to learn to stop listening to them).
If it is only routed for single coil pickups it will be impossible to put in a full size HB unless you do some cutting.
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There's room for it, it's just that I don't have a new pick guard.

So there's an actual humbucker sized hole routed in the wood?

Make sure that your pot is around 500k instead of 250k since you're replacing single coils and humbuckers, humbuckers won't sound as good with a 250k pot.