Schecter Hellraiser C1. Damn, this thing plays like a dream.

Handkerchief is cause I have a cold, lol.
nice axe!!... you`ll have fun playing that monster!!..

How much did it cost?
It`s sad but true.
It's a beauty, I'll give it that. I'm assuming it was around $700 USD since there's no FR? It's a great guitar, you'll have good times with it.
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thats a beautiful guitar! I'm planning on getting the c-1 classic within the next year and this just reinforces my expectations.. price?
It was $666 lol, for a Hellraiser. I was thinking about getting the one with the OFR, but since I change tunings alot and have no experience with them I got this.
i love mine best guitar i have played so far, i want a white one so bad though
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perhaps i have a superb epiphone. the japanese man must have gotten laid and won the lottery right before he made my guitar. whatever.