I'm doing a project for school where I need to record a full album second semester, but the only problem is that I don't know where to do it. I need to either find a studio or a place where someone can teach me to record and then I can do it at home (I have a home studio). I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area if anyone knows of a place that's close by, but mostly I just need general ideas. Does anyone know where I'd be able to do this?
Do it at home, it's cheaper and there's less pressure.
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You have a home studio, but don't know how to record?

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Quote by Volta_91
You have a home studio, but don't know how to record?

thought of that too
You like it
Quote by Volta_91
You have a home studio, but don't know how to record?

Exactly what I thought.
it would be way easier and less expensive to do it at your house. that seems like the most convenient thing to do
Quote by Volta_91
You have a home studio, but don't know how to record?

I was thinking it could be his mom or dad's booth.
Obviously it's cheaper to do it at home but if you're looking for quality results and ability to focus soley on the content of the music leaving someone else to worry about the quality then go for a studio
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Buy a cable with 1/4'' jack on one side and an 1/8'' on the other side, plug the 1/8'' into your computers mic port and the other end into your headphone jack on your amp, then just get a regular guitar cable to plug into your amp. Premium sound quality. Get a program like Audacity or Gold Wave to record with.

I personally do this except plug my guitar>pedal>amp, then I got a 2 sided 1/8'' jack cable and plug from my pedal into my computer as well. Bit more complicated, but works fine for me, since all I got was a 2 sided 1/8'' cable.
buy a digital recorder
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Ok, sorry, I should have been more specific. For my project we need what's called a "third space." I know how to use every aspect of my studio (and I'm pretty darn good at it), it's just that I can't do the project only at home, I have to go someplace to learn more techniques or record with better equipment or w/e.
Hey! I'm doing the same thing for my Senior Project. I'm going to be recording mine in the music room with our schools band teacher. He's got Pro Tools and has recorded other people too. I'd try and talk to your school's music director as soon as possible.
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Cool, I'm glad other people on the site are doing this kind of thing too. I don't really have time to talk to our school's band director because I need to have the space by the end of our winter break, but I'll be calling a ton of studios over the next few days.