I just got done gutting my guitar, I was just gonna wait til I had the money to replace all the electronics with stuff from GFS. But now that I have it all cleaned out, I think I want to refinish it. What's a pretty cool black/white design that would look good on a guitar?

I'll post pics as I get farther along in this little project.
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I dont think that pattern would look as good as it does on my guitar

Thats the one I'll be painting. I might just do what LeviMan said, paint it white and then do some marks all over it. But tasteful marks hah. whats a black paint pen?? A sharpie shouldnt rub off if there's no coat over it should it?

I've never refinished a guitar before. How long will I have to work on the paint job before the neck begins to warp? I asked the same question about pups but didnt get a straight answer.
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"
Go to your nearest craft store. They have things called 'paint markers'. They're right around a dollar and a half or so, usually. They're just markers that have paint instead of ink. They come out with a more solid line than a sharpie does, too. You don't have any stroke-marks or anything in large areas, so it looks better.
Sharpies will smear if you run your hand across them enough. With a paint pen, you wait for it to dry and then it's down and there's no moving any of the pigment afterwards. And I would hope that you would put a coat over everything....
The neck is no more likely to warp when it's off your guitar than when it's on your guitar.
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Dude, actually don't repaint that, it's got a niiice finish on it already.

I agree with Leviman. But, if you're going to refinish it, get a veneer and stain it and finish the guitar that way. That would come out neat. Or you could do a material finish. www.projectguitar.com for more help on that.
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