Im into Ibanez guitars. I plan on getting 1 after christmas and i was wondering whats the best Ibanez guitar for under 300 dollars. i already have an amp. I wanna play stuff like metallica,megadeth etc basically Metal and hard rock.

budget is 300 dollars
Ibanez guitar plz
preferably from a guitar center.
at $300 you're looking at either a RG321 or a ART100, and don't think the ART100 is crap cos it's Ibanez doing a les paul shape. It's actually very good, way past Epiphone standards.

Oh and by the way, that took me five minutes, so how about you do it yourself next time huh?
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I wouldn't recommend a low-end ibanez
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The Ibanez ART is a great guitar for very little $$$. Best bang for your buck out there hands down. Rivals the epiphone elitist I used to have,