Hey guys, ok from the last topic I made I was thinking of getting Ibanez S470DXQM but I found some other stuff that might be better and was wondering if it's a good deal. Heres the link






I was wondering if people here can find some fakeness in those guitars or should I just buy Ibanez S470DXQM. (Going to be my first guitar) Thanks guys
Okay man, who was retarded enough to tell you to buy a guitar with a double locking tremolo as your first guitar? The S470 is a great instrument (as are the other Ibanezes and the Fender you linked to), but setting them up or changing strings is pretty difficult if you're just starting out. Heck, even tuning such guitars is a little complicated.

The Fender you linked to has a tremolo that doesn't require as much work. It's not as much a pain in the ass to set up as the Ibanez trems, so you could go for it. Still, a guitar with a fixed bridge would probably be a better choice for now.

I think it's best if we suggest some other guitars - what is your budget, what music are you going to play? Also, do you have an amp already? If yes, what amp?
Please don't tell me you're gonna use a $1000 guitar with a micro cube.

Get yourself a proper amp, and you'll be more than satisfied. You can then proceed to get a kick-ass guitar such as a Fender SSS Strat, Fender HSS Strat, an Epiphone LP Studio or an Ibanez SZ

Have fun
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why the hell are you paying almost $1000 on your first guitar? what if you decide you dont want to play anymore?

oh god, a freaking micro cube?

just get you a nice amp for about $400 and a used ibanez or jackson for about $400.
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Hm, this is kinda difficult. You could either go with a great guitar now with the money you have and use the Microcube, or you could get a 500$ guitar and equally priced amp and have better tone because of the better amp, or you could save some money and just buy a good beginner's axe.
Unless you are absolutely sure you will keep playing, I'd go with the last option.
In that case, check out the Yamaha Pacifica 112:
Well made guitar, very versatile. If you are one of the guys who like to play a little bit of everything, this is probably your best option.

Now, if you are sure that you will keep playing and will have more money with time to upgrade the amp, I'd go for an expensive guitar like the Fender you linked to.
If you will not have money any time soon to replace the amp, I'd split the money and get a guitar for 500$ and spend the rest on the amp - this will give you the best tone of all three options now.

The Microcube is not a bad amp - it is pretty good for what it is, a beginner's amp. But whether you play a 300$ guitar through it or a 1000$ one does not make too much of a difference.

Personally, I'd fancy the first of the three options, just because you can never know what's gonna happen and if you really are going to like guitar. Take a look at the Yamaha and tell me what you think.
I won't make any recommendations for the second and third option, simply because there's too many possibilities.
If you post on what option you decided, I'd be glad to recommend you some nice equipment, as will others.

I'm going to bed now, I'll check this thread tomorrow.
Ok I decided to get a cheap guitar tomorow cause the stores are closed today. I'm stuck between Ibanez RG321 and Ibanez GRG170DX. Which one should I get and why? (pros and cons) if theres any other guitars that are under $500 that are better could you guys plz suggest. Thanks have a Merry Christmas XD
The RG321 is a better guitar than the GRG170. You get better wood, better hardware and generally a little more attention to detail. I'd go for it if I was you, it is all a beginner guitarist can hope for. Really good instrument for the price. You COULD go for a more expenisve guitar like a Fender Standard Strat for 400$, but as I said earlier, there's the chance you might not like playing guitar much after all and 400 bucks is a lot of money.
Seriously, the RG321 is good. I think you'll be very happy with it.
(It is also a great platform for modding and a good, reliable back up, so it's not like it's useless even if you end up getting a better guitar some day.)
Thanks TheQuailman. But one more thing before I decide. I can buy either RG321 or the fender mim strat hss. I'm sure to play forever XD. Just wondering if which one is better in your opinion and which one is easier to tune,sound good,reliable, and what kind of music they play. (Btw can u put a whammy bar on to the RG321?)

Edit: There seems to be a RG321 and a RG321mh. Also there seems to be Mim strat and a new strat for $100 more i think that just came out recently.
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Ok this is really pissing me off D: I found Yamaha Pacifica - 812V for $555.00 canada. My dad said I can buy that or the fender mim or the ibanez RG321. I really need help :S. Im going to try them out before buying.

Heres the link for Yamaha Pacifica - 812V
The Yamaha is a lot better than the RG321 and any Fender for the same price that I played so far. But then again, it's a lot pricier than the RG321. If you are convinced you will stick with guitar, get it. It is a lot more versatile than the RG, because of it's pickup configuration.

See if you can get the guitar a bit cheaper. I think you should be able to get it for 500$ from the seller. But even if you end up paying 555$, it's still worth every penny.

About the RG321: The correct name of it is RG321MH, most dealers only write RG321 though. Same guitar.
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Thanks a lot for the help TheQuailman. I'm getting the Yamaha Pacifica - 812V but one more
thing :S. Will I have any problems with the guitar. For example tuning,restringing etc. Thanks XD.
Minor problems:
The guitar has a tremolo, which means that when you tune one string, the others will detune slightly. That means that tuning this guitar takes about half a minute longer than tuning a guitar with a fixed bridge - not a big deal, since you won't have to tune it often anyway.
It's a bit annoying when restringing it though, that will take about five minutes longer than on a fixed bridge guitar.

The guitar has locking tuners, those are GREAT, because they give you excellent tuning stability, but they work a little different than other tuners.
They lock on the strings, so in order to get rid of you're old strings, you have to unlock them. You do so by turning the locking button of the tuner counter clockwise. Just a few turns until you can pull out the string from the tuner's string post.
Locking new strings is exactly the opposite of that. If you have a friend or relative who can play, he sure can show you how to do it (that's always better than an explanation on the internet). If you happen to have problems with this one day though, just post a thread, someone will have a detailed explanation for you.

I use these locking tuners, the ones on the Yamaha will be similar:

The locking button is that round thing with the black dot in the middle of it.

Those are the only things that make the guitar a little more complicated than other guitars. But honestly, it's not a big deal. If you have problems anyway, just post.
Ahh I keep forgeting to post all the stuff yikes. Anyways if I use the whammy, do you think the guitar will stay in tune or should I not use the whammy bar? Thanks a lot, seriously thx you very much for the help. This will be the last and only question (I already contacted the person and said I can buy it for $400.00 tomorow and to play it with an amp.
It will stay in tune unless you try to do dive-bombing or any other kind of wild abuse. But since you're not into metal I guess you won't do that stuff anyway. It'll work well for occasional vibrato, it's a pretty good trem actually.

And by all means ask if you have a question! I'm happy to help where I can.

Don't forget to take some pictures and make a 'new guitar day' - thread once you get it, okay?

Ahh the guy thats selling Yamaha Pacifica - 812V said he's lowest offer will be $500 can and that he baught it for $650.00 canadian. Whats the actual price of the guitar because I replied back offering $450 since I'm a high school student and thats my max.
Oh wow.... T.T I cant buy the guitar because he's only gonig to sell it for $500.00 and my dad said that in our country you can get the guitar,straps,hardcase for $500. They dont sell this guitar where I live so is there any other good guitars? T.T
Just FYI, the S in the second link is an S1520, which is one of the best S series there ever was. They're fantastic guitars (MIJ, LoPro Edge, QM pickups), and $400 is a laughable price for one of those (as they usually sell in the $800 range), and if the seller's for real, go buy it now before I find my car keys and waste thirty bucks in gas to buy it myself.
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Quote by Korea Rocks
Oh wow.... T.T I cant buy the guitar because he's only gonig to sell it for $500.00 and my dad said that in our country you can get the guitar,straps,hardcase for $500. They dont sell this guitar where I live so is there any other good guitars? T.T

Your dad is wrong about that. The guitar costs nearly 600€ where I live, how much is that in dollars? About 800 I guess. And that's only the guitar, no strap or hardcase included. Maybe talk to your dad about it once again, because the guitar clearly is worth the money and besides, they stopped producing those this or last month - so you'll have a hard time finding one in the future.

A similar guitar would be a Fender Standard HSS Strat, which costs 450$ new (US-dollars, that is, I don't know exactly how much that is in Canadian dollars). But the Fender is not as good as the Yamaha, not even close, the pickups and hardware are superior on the Yamaha.
If you buy the Fender and get about 400 bucks worth of pickups and hardware for it, you'd have a guitar of similar quality to the Yamaha.

Not like the Fender is a bad guitar. It's good for the price and I recommend you check it out if you can't buy the other guitar. It's just that the Yamaha is still a lot better.

EDIT: You're lucky you have access to the guitar anyway, none of the big US and Canadian stores ever carried them as far as I know. They were only available on the Asian and European market.

Since you are willing to buy a used guitar, see if you can get a Fender Highway One Strat, those get close to the Yamaha. Still not quite there, but close imo.
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Ahh... I really want that Yamaha really badly. They dont sell the guitar anywhere I live >. Also my dad said that the guy that is selling the guitar is ripping us off :S. My dad said that if he was trying to sell the guitar to a guitar shop he would probably get less than $500. Any hows how much do you think he could get from selling the Yamaha Pacifica 812v at a guitar shop?
A guitar shop will always give you less for a guitar than what it is worth - not like they're ripping you off, they just have to make a profit. Around here, a guitar shop would probably pay 300€ for the guitar, roughly 400$ where you live I think. I'd say you'd get minimum 350$, but 400$ should be possible. You'd certainly get more if you sold it to a musician on ebay or craigslist rather than a store though.

However, neither do I live in the US, nor am I the owner or employe of a music store, so my thoughts are not the be and end all on this matter!

If I remember correctly, the seller said that the guitar is in very good shape (almost mint condition) and that it's only a year old (I might be wrong, the link from the last page does not work anymore, so I'm not sure). With this in mind, it's an okay price I think.

The guitar was probably about 800$ new, maybe 700$-750$ if the guy was lucky. 500$ is a little more than half of 800$ - for a guitar that is practically new, that's pretty good. It's definitely better than any other guitar that you'd get for that price (which has a lot to do with Yamaha being pretty unknown and underrated in the US and Canada).

Hey, see if the seller is wiilling to throw in a gig bag or strap to make it a better deal.
Guys what should I look for? I just baught a barely used Yamaha Pacifica 812v and getting it soon but what should I look for? Like is there anyway to spot if its fake,broken,dented, etc. I wont have an amp because I'm meeting the person face to face. (Kijiji)