lessons when you first started what ever instrument you played and have regreted it ever since??? i did this with the bass and took like 6 months of lessons quit cause i didnt learn how to play seven nation army(ha) and stuff but its so much more than looking cool and playing cover songs and riffs, i just wish i wouldve known that before i quit *leaves to the hug thread, and waits for someone to follow*
i quit classical lessons to try and get better grades to get into uni.

i will never regret anything so much again. ever.
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I did a month or so of bass lessons just learning the principle behind it all and the basic scales with a brilliant teacher. I then stopped and picked it all up myself and don't regret it one bit.

I could be much better technically, but I'm more than happy with where I'm at as a bass player.
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Get lessons a year or two in.

NEVER go to the first couple. Waste of money.
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I took piano and guitar...

Had to quit both because I was busy with other things (now I can't remember what those things were ). I regret it sometimes, but I seem to be doing fine with both on my own.
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
I'm still taking lessons, not with the same teacher though. I've switched teachers three times, from a rock player, to a jazz player to a nationally renowned jazz player, getting better all the time. Theres no reason that any of you cant pick up lessons again.
i took guitar lessons for a year and a half but i quit because it got to a certain point where he wasnt teaching me anything new, im sure i could learn more from lessons i just would take like music theory lessons of something
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self taught pwns all.
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got some guitar lessons when i was 8, quit, then took it up again when i was 15. if i had stuck with it from the start id have an extra 7 years worth of playing behind me!! ah well....
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I'd like to take lessons. My dads fiance introduced me to this guy, and while I appreciate what he knows, he doesn't really know anything about theory, which makes me question how much I can really learn from him.
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Lessons never hurt anyone. Ever.

I had guitar lessons in 4th grade and quit. Then I picked guitar back up for like 3 years on my own, took lessons this summer and am taking them again soon.

crappy lessons can hurt.... "DownPicking is useless" *shakes fist in anger*
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Primus Sucks

Seven Nation Army doesn't have any bass.

I taught myself for like 8 months, learned rather slowly, and then I started taking lessons. I learned at a much faster rate, and my technique improved exponentially. I don't plan on quitting anytime soon, as long as I can afford it.
i just hate how arrogant i was! that was the biggest problem. i thought that playing tabs all day would eventually get me to be as good as the person that plays it, problem being...IT WONT. i want to know every damn thing about it now but it might take a while for that knowledge to get back to me. im happy were im at, i just know with someone knowledged next to me i can know more and make my playing sound exactly how i would want it. balls
self taught
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I took lessons for a few years.. then for some reason, stopped. I regret it sometimes, but what he wrote in the book we worked out of I will continue to use for a long time. Find a great teacher, and ask as many questions as you can.. best way to learn in my opinion.
I honestly don't see why you'd need bass lessons. You just pluck one string at a time.
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I honestly don't see why you'd need bass lessons. You just pluck one string at a time.

I still get lessons for piano, guitar and singing. I find they give me structure for training and really motivate me to improve.
Took lessons as a kid, grew bored with them so I quit. Five years later, I picked the guitar back up and taught myself. Course, I don't actually know anything.
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I honestly don't see why you'd need bass lessons. You just pluck one string at a time.

you must have your head really far up your ass kid, maybe pull it out one of these days. theres more than just darkness out here in the real world
First day I got my guitar, I felt it sounded rather flat.
This feeling was shortly followed with a piece of guitar string digging into my shoulder.
I kinda just put it down for a while after that. -_-
I took piano lessons when I was six, but quit because I hated it. About a year ago I started lessons again, and now I absolutely love it. Although I didn't stick with it long when I was younger, it was really easy to pick it up later in life since I'd gotten the basic training as a kid.

In seventh grade I started guitar lessons, and then I quit a few months later because my teacher was a total creeper/asshole. He couldn't believe that (heaven forbid) a girl wanted to play guitar, so he was a total jerk to me and treated me like, well, a girl. Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore, so I quit and self-taught.

I also take vocal lessons.... I have no story to tell there, though.
Nope. I kept with it for 10 years. I started when I was 4, and when I was 8, I wanted to stop, but my dad convinced me to stay with it. I'm now 17, stopped lessons when I was 14 because it was all my guitar teacher could teach me. I didn't take up adavanced lessons because I couldn't afford it though. I wish I could, but I can't.
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crappy lessons can hurt.... "DownPicking is useless" *shakes fist in anger*

Who the hell told you that? And why would you believe them?

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I honestly don't see why you'd need bass lessons. You just pluck one string at a time.

Yeah, until someone comes along and invents chords.