I found this awesome game called territory wars. You make an army of 6 stick figures, and give them names. Then you go online and fight other users with sniper rifles, rockets, and grenades! You have to make an account, but all it involves is making a username and password, nothing big. Please put UG in front of your usernames! This game is a lotta fun. And I'm lookin forward to killing some Stick UGers

Game Link: http://afro-ninja.com/vflash.php?id=50

EDIT: OK, from now on, if you want to find a UGer look in the Barracks room.

Every one tell me your username and I will put them on the list:

SaintsofNowhere- marinecam
LazyLatinoRocke- Criss.Lordy
imdeth- imdeth11
evanm31- cynic1234
woodenbandman- woodenbandman
ratmblink123- ratmblink123
justnmcknz- justnmcknz


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whats your name saint?

marinecam... I made it before I brought the game to the Pit : /

ain't this ****in great my stupid dial up connection won't allow me to play no pwnage coming this way guys
I play this game already. I have my own account.

EDIT: My name is Criss.Lordy
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UG Challenge

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Quote by imdeth
OK which dumbass stole my username?! I'm imdeth11 from now.

Imedit: Stuck at connecting to server screen ;_;

not me I swear!

And sometimes it takes a while.

When I saw the Pit as a map, that's what reminded me to post it on here.

my names BEEFSTROGANAUGH what room is everyone in
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I'm gonna test it.
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Accept my requests!!!

Dude, sorry. I thought you were some random nerd who wanted to pwn me with grenades and your superior stick man tactics.

add me...
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I went for a week where I played this game quite a bit. Wasn't much else to do.
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This game isn't working for me for some reason...

Our game isn't quite working =/
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Of The

UG Challenge

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Our game isn't quite working =/

Yeah, what the hell?
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

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Are any of you still playing? i need a challenge.

Sure, what's your name?
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My names cjfosheezy
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