Just got a new guitar its a stagg f300ma flying V, alder body, mahogany neck, 2 humbuckers, and I like it a lot now i need to find a good painter. Anybody else planning on getting a guitar for christmas?
I'm planning on banging my best GIRL friend, but no guitars
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yea i am hoping to get a dean vendetta. i know they're super cheap but hey they play great for their price! and NICE to pertenozzo's last comment!
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I'm planning on banging my best GIRL friend, but no guitars

party this weekend i will snake me one
Jackson RR3 crimson swirl, just got it sunday. amazing axe. Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz, OFR Jackson Made double locking tremolo (which is put together surprisingly well).
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i got my PRS Modern Eagle II, but that is my only christmas/birthday present for the next 3 years. BTW, the guitar is incredible and i will have pictures up in a few weeks because the guys at the PRS factory down the road are making me a custom 24 neck for it. Its gunna be like 4-6 weeks before i get it, so worth the wait though. Merry christmas to everyone.
I might get a new guitar on boxing day, depends whats on sale
I leik music
pics??? I would love to see some. How does it play/sound?
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