I was wondering if buying a set of 5-string strings for the bass (with BEADG and all that crazy nonsense) and then stringing the bass with the bottom 4 would be a bad idea. It makes sense to me, cause tuning my E string down to B is just too rattly. Would there be any real disadvantages, as long as i had a normally strung bass as well? I mean I wouldn't have to tune down as much. So...yeah. Works? Doesn't work? Anyone tried it before?
Worked for me.. but you'll have to sand the hole for the E string wider in the nut.
FVCK. sounds complicated/expensive. maybe not. would i be able to revert it to its EADG tuning?
Yeah by putting in standard strings. Otherwise you'll break them. Although by sanding the hole wider, you risk losing sound when using normal strings. Just go with the biggest gauge normal strings you can find instead
My Warwick is tuned BEAD.
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You could buy another nut and sand it, then keep your old one if you want to revert back to EADG.
I've done it before...just use the string itself to file the nut. (rub it back and forth in there until it fits) That way, you keep it as small as possible for use with EADG strings, while still letting it fit BEAD strings just fine..
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