Are Strap Locks Really Worth It.....

Strap locks. You can find them in your local music store. But are they worth it? My strap keeps coming off and i want to get a new strap. would that solve it because the hole would be smaller? and do straps always slip off because the hole is worn out or is it just the thing that you hook the strap onto. So you think about it. When you could wear out a strap and then buy a new one or... you can just buy strap locsks. Which is better. strap locks or a new strap?
if the strap falls off its because of the strap. i recently bought a strap lock and its well worth it, your straps wont ever wear out again
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my strap only falls off because the button comes out of the guitar. fixed that problem with some dowels and wood glue (idea courtesy of UG) and voila, fixed. but yea...in the end i still bought strap locks. they make me not worry.
Seeing as they're only FIFTY CENTS!
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Strap locks are great. Since I got them for my guitars, I haven't had my strap come off at all. And the other thing is whether or not you have a leather-ended strap. If it's vinyl, then it will prolly end up tearing. And then your straplock won't do a lot.

PS: I would suggest Dunlops.

its not that complicated
spend the ten bucks and get the straplocks holy crap

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Schaller Straplocks own.. or get the import or immitation ones.


w0rd. The Schaller ones are the best IMO.
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That'll cost you about 75 cents at your local hardware store, and you'll be like EVH!
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