So I've finally narrowed my search down to these two

Schecter Sunset Hellraiser FR @ $599


Jackson DK2 Dinky @ $699


I play metal, rock and blues. I'm looking to play Satriani stuff which is why I want a tremolo.

Which should I get between these two? It would be very helpful if you could answer these doubts that I have also:

1)The Schecter is very tempting because of the Original FR and EMGs at only 599
2)I currently have a Jackson which I know is very reliable, but I don't know about Schecter
3)Pickups? Will the EMGs with coil tap be versatile enough? Or are the Jackson's single coil passives more versatile by far?

what's your budget, do you have any preference's to woods? hardware? and what amp do you use
My budget is 650-700. I play through a Peavey Vypyr 15. I don't have a preference to woods or hardware. I've never played with a FR or with active pups before.

the Schecter that you gave is a great guitar, but i just don't know how well the EMG's will fit your style. And when i played another Schecter (with EMG's) into the Vypry I got a very fuzzy, mushy tone with not to much definition.
I'm also considering a Jackson DK2M...

How does it compare to the DK2? The DK2M has two Duncan humbuckers, while the DK2 has one humbucker and 2 single coils..and the Hellraiser has 2 EMGs of course. What would you say about the Original FR vs the licensed one that the Jacksons have?
I'd go with with the DK2. But you should should try them out first and see which one you feel more comfortable with
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