I've definitely had my eye on the floyd rose whammy for a verryyy long time and I wanted to know what would be less of a hassle: installing the tremolo system on my guitar (schecter omen 6) or just buying a guitar (probably a schecter c-1) that already comes with a floyd rose, keeping in mind that about the only maintenance I can perform on my guitar myself is changing the strings.

Also, is having a guitar with Floyd Rose really as much of a pain in the ass as everyone makes it out to be? As far as changing strings, tuning, etc, I've heard that you have to screw around with the nuts and bolts a fair bit before you can even do anything.

Is all that crap worth the awesomeness of a floating bridge trem?
just get a guitar with a Floyd on it already. As for the hassle, once you learn how everything works, it's a breeze. I timed my self once how long it took for me to go from down half a step, back to standard, took about 3 and a half minutes including leveling the bridge.

As for a Floyd and if it's worth it, i really only think a guitar with a Floyd is good to get if one of the fallowing applies:
1) Have another guitar already, that does not have a locking trem
2) Has a guitar with a locking trem and only uses a few tunings
So if I like switching back and forth from standard E to drop D, I'd have a bit of a problem?

(or not...since it's only one string I'm changing)
if your just switching from E to drop D, then you would just want to pick up the EVH d-tuna
I bought an Original Floyd Rose Tremolo and installed it on my guitar. I had the tools and some experiance from my shop class so it wasnt to hard... but it is very possible for you to run into complications. It would probably be easyer to buy one with it. I can tune to drop D with my floyd rose, just need to tune it to e with the fine tuner in the right place then detune it to D when needed. It does take a while to restring. Later on in another shop class i made my own guitar and put a floyd rose in it, it went in a lot easyer... cause there was no premade holes for different bridges. It would probably be easyer to get one already in. Also Eddie is comming out with a new Drop to Hell system which is just like the D tuna but new...lol its not out yet ..but i will be in january hopefully. But a D-tuna is useless on recessed floyd rose, cause you change the tuning on one string they all change a bit. Unless you get a Trem block ...which stops the tremolo from working as a recessed tremolo. and I do believe the C1 is reccessed. Anyways i would just pick one up with a floyd rose unless you like to really modify your guitars.
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Thanks for all the answers, but I have one more question that I just thought of.

What's the real difference between the original floyd rose and the licensed?
I tried looking it up but all it says is that the original is "better," in this many ways.
Anyway, I don't really get it. I'm sorta retarded. >_<
the licensed Floyd's are generally made of cheaper metals so that its knife edges would ware down quicker and lose your tuning stability.
But as long as I told kill the **** out of the tremolo everytime I use it, and don't wear it out too much, I should be okay with a licensed?
well, some licensed are better, some are crappier it all depends on the guitar. You said you where looking at Schecter's, which do have some good Licensed floyd's. Where as on cheap Ibanez's where they have Edge 3's, are kinda crappy...
Yes, but from what I've heard, stay away from Edge III's
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schecter trems are great. they stay in tune very well. they are not as subtle as OFRs but are still really good.
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