I want to start on a punk band

Also by an online band I mean you record the instruments and we mix them together. So basically I'm influenced by Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash, Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, Stiff Little Fingers, BlackFlag. I'm open to many many more influences. I'll be playing the guitar. I want a bassist and drummer. A vocalist, who can very good lyrics. Maybe a second guitarist not too sure.

Add my email


I'm 12, if this really matters to anyone. I've got a ****ty yamaha guitar at the moment and will be getting a Westfield LP copy for xmas.
I can do drums. My main influence is Blink 182, but those other ones are good too.
I can play bass

My influences...are Misfits, Ramones, All American Rejects, Blink, etc.

I can also write lyrics...already sent a pm
i play a lot of guitar, and i really want 2 get a band started
i play metal, but i also love sum punk and ska
ive been playing 4 about 3 years and can record immedetly
Then start your own band without him!
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OMG plzplzplz can i be lead guitarist? *puppydog eyez* im 13 btw and i luv punk music
watever if the first guy doesnt care anymore than hes out
i can play drums bass or guitar i dont care which
I can play guitar, Billtsas can play drums and aerosmith 13 could be lead guitar is newstad rocker avaible for bass, if so we can get it started
alright lets get a list of songs together. My biggest preference is blink-182 but im down for anything