Shot, SHORT story

Heard crackles and pops while playing

replaced the cables

crackles and pops continued

amp shuts off minutes later with a light amount of smoke form the back vent


see that fuse is probably burnt out

check it

looks like thers some black and brown marks along the glass

So i have a warranty with this at GC, but would they replace my fuse or do i have to calll B-52?

Gibson SG Special Faded Brown w/ Duncan Blackouts
B-52 At-112 60 Wat All Tube Combo
MXR 108 10 Band EQ
ISP Noise Gate
SG --> MXR --> ISP --> B-52
... call GC and find out?

Also the 18v mod doesn't work with the Blackouts.
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crackles and pops eh? looks like u got some rice crispies in thar

Didn't say it snapped though.
Fuses are cheap, go buy one and put it in.
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