Is this good or bad? I notice that if I try doing fast licks across the neck I get these. Does it mean my muscles are getting stronger?
how long have you been playing? Are you playing standing up or sitting down? and which arm is hurting?
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generally speaking, NO pain is a good thing, usually means you are doing damage to yourself. Might want to go easy for a while until your arm stops hurting, else you might put yourself out of action for a lot longer.
As rich420 said, its probably because of you're posture. I can't really say what to change because I can't see you playing.
LTD EC-500 - 18v mod
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Wank with your right from now on, ease the stress

Maybe its bad technique
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probably isn't but i got carpel tunnel in my left arm after 5 years of playing. I had surgery and now, 3 years later, i'm playing with no pain at all. It's worth getting checked out because i just though it was the muscle, boy was I wrong.
My left arm gets tired after fast continous licks, but never to the point of pain. just tired, so i take a break or do something at a slower pace then im fine.
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That used to happen to me a lot playing thunderstruck but I kept going, I think it's just like lifting weights, you pull the muscle and it heals stronger. I used to only be able to play the hammer-on pull-off licks for a minute or so straight, but now i can do it endlessly.
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just ease the arm and mabey ice it or don't push on the strings as hard. also try to straiten out ur thmb so that it is verticle 99.9% of the time.