At the moment, I'm in Drop C with my RR3, with the stock strings that came with it (.9's). And I'm finding it impossible to play the solos that I once could on my old Squier, with 10's in Drop C.

Is it because .9's in Drop C turn all flappy? I know I can get a thicker sound out of a higher string gauge, but will it also make all those solos easier to play? Or do I have to relearn my techniques again? =<
You could just buy some thicker strings. If you like tension then you'd probably like 11's more.
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11's for drop C

10's i use for standerd, 1/2 step down tuning

not really high tension for shredding, i use tighter than medium range tension, action set up not really low, but it works.
No, 9's are SO not for drop tuning there m8, they end too floppy as you said making them sort of impossible to play.

You may want to get 10's or 11's MAYBE even 12's hehe. From there on is just preference, but, yeh u need heavier strings.
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.9s are pretty much useless for drop tunings, especially lower than D. in my opinion at least
I figured as much. Going to get it set up ASAP then, I tried to do it myself but .9's dont work in drop tuning, as you all say.

I use 10-52's for Drop C. The higher 3 strings are from the 10s set, and the lower 3 strings are from the 11s set (I think).

^It's possible, but it'd be like using 8's... no thanks.
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