I just bought this amp used but i don't really know anything about it. It's got a 12" Scorpion speaker and apparently it has two channels but there isn't a toggle. I guess it's on the clean channel now and with a little tweaking of the dials some really nice tones are produced.

My questions are:

Since i don't really know anything about amps, could this one be a diamond in the rough?

Anyone know how I'm supposed to change channels? Or should i just use an effects pedal?

Also, if anyone has any experience with this amp I'd like some feedback good or bad.
I should point out that this isn't the 'Transtube' Bandit, this is the original. According to some of the reviews on the Transtube series Peavey dropped the ball.

At what age does something become Vintage? Who knows, i might just hit up the Antiques Roadshow...
The original Bandit amps are known as THE black metal amp mostly because almost every early black metal guitar player used 'em... the sort of lo-fi, very dirty sound is appealing if you're in that genre.

As for something becoming 'vintage' it depends on how long the product was produced, how technology has evolved since the time and if it's still in production. Generally after ten years something becomes 'vintage'.
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Hmmm, listening to this thing I would not have guessed Black Metal. I've done some homework and apparently there was a footswitch that came with it originally to switch channels. Once i get one of those maybe i'll find some of that distortion..

thanks for the reply..