I just bought a used Ibanez RG4EX1 at a local music store today. When I was playing around with it in the store, it felt great, and sounded great. I take it home, started to noodle around on it, and I noticed that there was a ring whenever I strummed the low E string. Also, my 22, 16, 17, 18, and 19th frets are dead on the high E string. They sound a litle bit dead on those frets on the other strings, but you can't tell through an amp. I'm most worried about the dead frets. I got the guitar because it was only $300. What can I do to fix those frets?
I don't wanna mess with the action because of the Edge. I had them set it up and I don't know how to set it.
i just got the same guitar with the same problem...the factory settings are crazy low action that only works with high distortion...you should learn how to set it up urself anyways, itll save you a ton of money, and its relatively easy, just google it
for now, take it back where you got it and show the guy who set it up (obviously, horribly) and tell them to fix it
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