Ok, so I got a Electro-Harmonix Big Muff and a Dunlop M-101 phase 90 MXR from my sister for Christmas. Can I hear your opinions on those pedals and your experience with them.

I've read alot of good stuff about these pedals, but I don't think the Big Muff fits my style of music. I play mostly metal and hard rock, alot of instrumental music. Not much of modern rock and alt. rock, but I also play some blues and things like Pink Floyd and though it would thoses kind of things.

Also, my rig is an ESP KH-2 and a Roland Cube-60. How does the pedal fit those things? (I know the EMG in the guitar are very high gain and hard to get any tone exept balls-out-metal tone, and pedals normally don't go well with digital amps).

Please comment and tell me what you think.
The main purpose of a TV is to have a place to point your furnatures to
Muff is really a fuzzbox (well in my ears it is, some beg to differ)
its really more for that oldschool 60s/70s lead tone, or that sort of grungy sound.-

The phase 90 is the tits.

The cubes, in my experience, aren't that great at handling pedals