So, after the long awaited satchurator appeared at my door about 2 months ago i was in love with it! However now, that i am playing at performance volumes more often with it i have noticed a kind high freq fuzz coming out of my amp when i kick it on. it seems that any treble coming out of the pedal is accompanied by these bumble bees! the satchurator does this no matter i put it in my pedal chain, and even though i am using a dark tone the fuzz stil comes thru..

my signal chain

Guitar w/ humbuckers-korg tuner-crybaby-phase 90- boss Sd-1-satchurator- 112 valveking- loopstation- valveking- coming out of a celestion vintage 30 speaker.
Try an ISP Decimator maybe. Im pretty sure its designed to eliminate the bumblebees.