im trying to improve my rhythm playing by embellishing chords. learning how hendrix does his rhythm has helped me quite a bit but everything i have learned about him has been about major chords and from watching him, i don't understand what he does for minor chords.

also, this thread doesn't have to be limited to just how hendrix does it. how do you embellish minor chords (or major chords if you do it in a unique way).
7th chords can always be embellished by 9ths, 11th,s and 13ths. V chords going down to the I chord can be embellished with any alterations such as #9, b9, #11.
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A good way is to have a focus point. Let's say u hit the 3rd's and 7ths of the chord on the 2n beat of a bar.

Then for the other chords always use their 3rd or 7ths on the 2nd beat.

Not a rule, but this will help alot.

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