I'm really pissed off. I let a sewell texaplex 25 slip away from me So I'm in search for a new amp and need some suggestions from the wise and mighty people of UG. I'm open for all ideas. Price range under $1500 for the head.

  • Low watts
  • Tube amp
  • Handwired
  • Hardrock-Classic rock-Blues
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...why low watts, exactly? If you want nice cleans you'll want high watts.

If I had a descision with that price range while looking for good cleans, I'd definitely go for a Fender Twin Reverb
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True but I want to be able to crank my amp and get a nice saturated tone at a reasonable volume, thats why lower watts is key. I also like the amp to be very responsive. I'm going to edit my original post about "nice cleans" because that is very subjective. I'll try to clearify.... is that a word? I like the cleans to be a little dirty. Clean tone wise kinda a stevie ray or jimi thing going. But Im going for a Great distortion first
Low watts and handwired. Sounds like you're in the realm of boutique type stuff.

I'm thinking a used Dr. Z Route 66.

EDIT: I should add that I have no idea if the amp is handwired.

But that shouldn't make or break whether you buy an amp if it's a good amp.
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I'm on a similar search as you and I've narrowed it down to GDS. I suggest you e-mail and talk to him, tell him what you want.

With that kind of budget, you can go boutique. And when you go boutique, you really can't go wrong as long as you know what you're doing. even if you don't go GDS, I still say contact all the boutique amp makers that you're interested and see what they can do.

Edit: Forgot a few-
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