I've pretty much decided on a B-52 AT 212 amp, and i know that it is the combo version off the AT 100, and i have decided on the at 212 because of my budget.

I have not played the at 212 but have played the at 100 at guitar center.

The at 100 gave me a very annoying very high pitched squeal when i stopped playing.

is that interference from something else? Will the at 212 have the same problem? and is there a good way to fix it other than getting a noise suppressor? because i would really like to not have to buy one.
When I played the 100, I didn't have that problem. The one you played was probably a dud. A lot of people have problems with B-52s. Check reviews on Harmony Central. Hopefully yours is a good one. They're great when they work properly.
it was most likely exterior interference. all the other gear in the store ae

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