Favourite SNARE
what song do you just love the snare in?
i have to say unite by neuraxis
i'm too lazy to care where the thread is supposed to go
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do you mean snare sound or playing?

anyway sound the a7x guy with this dw cravattio maple is the nicest ive ever heard, and lopez from opeths pearl maple free floating snare with double ply head..nice

also bonham best steel snare sound danny carey lateralus for the shallow maple snare.
If you listen to just the drums from "walk with me in hell" (off the director's edition, or something like that, version of the cd..you can find the track on youtube) Chris Adler's snare sounds sweet IMO. I guess his snare sounds good on all the tracks, but I like the sound of it in the intro of that song.
I always liked the sound of Taylor Hawkin's snare. Actually Dave Ghrol too.
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Dom Howard from Muse.

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He means Dom From Muse

Tama Starclassic 14/7 Maple or Acryllic Snare
I always liked Matt Cameron's snare in Soundgargen. His overall drumming as well.
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St. Anger for sure.
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St. Anger

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The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold has a pretty good sounding kit in general, not only his snare.
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Sad But True by Metallica came to mind when I saw the thread title
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Beuatiful one smashing pumpkins.
It's off the gravity demos,so no lyrics.
But **** it rocks
Seagulls,the chicken of the ocean.

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knife party and digital bath by Deftones I love his snare sound in the "breakdown" in knife party
great snare sound in Apache Rose Peacock - chilis...any song in BSSM really but that one stood out to me.

Also Cemetary Gates - Pantera

I hate this song but it has a great snare sound: teenage dirtbag - wheatus