I am going to tackle installing EMG's in my Ibanez S soon. A while back some helpfull person posted a thread about the exact same install, complete with pictures.

However, I cannot find it now, some months later. Does anybody know what I am talking about, or know of something similar that they could direct me to?

There's a searchbar. Use it.
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There's a searchbar. Use it.

OH! THERE IS! NO WAY! .............

I searched, and continue to search. Still can't find it. Doesn't help that searching for "EMG install in Ibanez S" brings up about 50 billion hits...
Why do you need to see a thread? You install them the same way in a S series as any other guitar
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There are some complications due to the very thin body of the S series and the goofy input jack. I can't remember what they are and I would prefer to know in advance for planning purposes. The wiring itself is straightforward.

If nobody knows where this thread is, i wouldn't be surprised. I can't find it anywhere...
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