Well heres the deal.. I think this is pretty good. It sounds to me like an AIC song and I tried to do the vocals like that too and Im kinda mixed on how they came out it was a rough run through. tentative lyrics, no drums and no bass. It would be awsome if someone could do some drums for it if thats even possible. Let me know what you think of it though and tell me if its crap or if maybe its cool. its in my profile or here:

okay.....yea i can sorta hear that. theres definitly an alice in chains influence going on there with the double vocals. the guitar sounds a little more modern....sort of a post-grunge feel to it. (although i suppose that makes sense considering you wrote it post-grunge! heh...)

i would compare it to a local h......maybe a puddle of mudd type of guitar riff, whereas the vocals are pretty alice-in-chains-eyy

EDIT: As soon as you can get some drums on that....that's where it'll count. if you're goin for that AIC style, get the drums nice and slow/spread out, and it'll be amazing. if the drums are too close together it might end up sounding like a pretty generic song.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
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