Hey guys, I have a vintage 30 to put in my valveking and I need a little help. I know the basics, I just want to make sure I do it right. Could someone walk me through each step? I greatly appreciate any help.

EDIT: Is a 60 watt speaker good enough for a 50 watt amp?
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If I remember correctly for tube amps, the Wattage rating if for a clean wattage, so if you push your amp hard and drive it, you will get more then the 50watts. I can't remember correctly what the approximate correction for it is, but it is something like wattage * 1.25 and 1.5

So you can expect to see some where between 62.5 and 75 watts at the speaker if you dime everything on the amp. This doesn't mean that you can't use the speaker, just don't dime the amp and you will be fine. If you hear the speaker "fart" you are pushing it to hard and are over extending it, so just back off the volume a bit and you are good.

You could run a 1,000 watt amp into a 2 watt speaker if you could keep the volume turned down enough.
So basically I should never turn it past 8?
Well LeviMan, I did it last night and it wasn't particularly difficult. I did have a little trouble getting the V30 in, since the magnet is quite a bit larger than the stock speaker.
There is a very noticeable difference, I think my Valveking sound a bit like a 5150 now. The lead channel lost almost all of the buzz, and the cleans aren't honking like on the stock speaker.