I, along with my roommates, once wrote a Krunk Rap about peeing in butts.
Abbreviated version:
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Raptors/Dinosaurs being best friends
The Preta
Baby Nectar
Super Bergsteiger (Super Mountain Climber auf Deutsch)
Our singer being a german breakfast cereal (to be fair the last two were both for German projects so it wasn't entirely random)
Pretty much most of my bands songs are random, as we try to make our songs as ridiculous/stupid as possible.
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my friend did a song about organizing your macaroni. It was called Organize your Macaroni
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my friend wrote a song about bagels once

Bagels they rock our school
Eat em with cream cheese or your a fool

Bagels, Bagels, sometimes their hard
Use em as a weapon throw em at a tard

Bagels their really really cool
We use them as floaty toys in our pool

Bagels, kids play wit' them in da yard
We use them as a Christmas Card

There were so many more but those are the only ones i remember
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My last band wrote a song about how I got AIDS because I had sex with a girl and I didn't use a condom because its against my religion and another one on how they like to molest me. No joke.
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I KNOW!!!!! Super Cop parts 1 and 2!!!!

A song about my Dad(SUper Cop) Finding my stash and I kill him with a 12 foot bong!!!
Albert Fish wrote a letter to Grace Budd's parents telling them about his cannibalistic behavior and how he killed and ate their daughter. So I kinda just made some music to it one day.
I wrote a song about a box of tissues once.
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Well, I'm in this one man band called Masturbating in front of robots, and I wrote a theme song for the band. The lyrics consisted of these giants robots defending humanity from evil demons and such, and in turn the people are masturbate on to the robots. Yup.
i rote a song about eating babies once. its kool and the lerics are br00tal
Lord Gold feeds from your orifices and he wants to see you sweat.
Lord Gold probes you publicly and makes your pussy wet.
Now say his name.....
the metal band im joining soon wrote a song about ducks flying east.....

"the duck flies east in the northern winds. fishies fishies fishies fishies fishies fishies fish. when rabies strikes all the babies will die..."
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I punched my friend out of a desk and yelled "FATALITY."
Best. Study hall. Evar.
Or like the time I yelled out "WHY DOES IT BURN WHEN I PEEEEEEEE????"
Best. Library time. Evar.

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I yelled "I leik t3h mudkipz" in my grade 9 orientation.
Well, One time I was sitting on top of my friends roof and I looked up and saw two stars that reminded me of nipples. Sooooo, I wrote a song about Walruses and Teachers smokin weed then makin love.
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The Great Gatsby, although that was the subject chosen by the person who was writing lyrics for me. I personally don't care about lyrics.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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i stayed up all night writing a cocaine ballad once.

I worte about an action figure once.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.