Well I am normally a guitarist but my christmas present today was a cheapo seconed hand bass guitar
But the problem is that sometimes one pick-up loses pretty much all of its volume.
It's P-bass style so all the strings except for the E will still work nomrally.If I tap it in the right place with enough force it comes back to life.Now I beleive that this bass has been modded since it was first bought,so am I just looking at a dodgy solder here? or could it be something more serious?
(btw,it's a STAGE classic series,knock off P-bass.I've never heard of it either)
And while I'm here if I could ask for some suggestions on a fairly cheap bass amp as my parents thought that the bass would work through the guitar amp,lol.
Thanks and have a good christmas.
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Sounds like either a short or a bad solder...open it up and check the wiring.

As for the amp, I think Laney and Peavey are pretty good down there.
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+1 for bad soldering. If you know what your up too, then it wouldnt be hard to fix yourself. If you arent confident in your skills, take it too a guitar tech, its usually an easy fix

As for amps, assuming your just looking for something small (maybe like 30w practice?) just go to guitar center and try some stuff out. Youll probably find the fender rumbles or bassmen to be what your looking for. If you have some extra cash, you can look into the low end ampegs.

Just remember, bass amps take way more power then guitar amps. Someone told me the conversion ratio was like 5/1. Meaning it would take roughly 300 bass watts to equal 60 guitar watts.
we usually go with 3-4x wattage here. but 5 won't hurt. depends on how much mids you have in your tone really. I can attest for peavey's good quality in low end amps. acoustic is supposed to be a good brand too.
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