Hi, my name is chris. I've been playing guitar for 8 years.

Gojira, Meshuggah, Norma Jean, Ion Dissonance, and Mastadon are my biggest influences.

I haven't found very many proper tabs so i've basicly all together stopped looking up tabs unless im super lost and just try to muddle through by ear because i will end up doing that anyways if the tab is wrong. Sometimes its super useful for figuring out what tuning bands use but beyond that i just plain have better luck doing it by ear and i've noticed i've become a better musican 10 fold by approaching these songs this way. I get a better feel for the flow of the guitar player sometimes leading to the discovery of what they were doing becasue i'll kinda "flow" into it.

My Rig is the followingpicture isnt the best)

Peavey 5150 (block lettering)It's been down for 2 months because of an FET being grounding out (i cut it and full signal level came back) and a fried resitor on the first preamp stage (after full signal level came back the preamp's gain controls were unresponsive). Its all better now with alil signal generator and oscilliscope action.

Marshall MG4x12 cab gutted and loaded with peavey Shetfield XXX

The rack consists of the following :
Berhinger Rack mounted tuner
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Rane 30 band EQ
Alesis Quadraverb (everyone knows 5150's dont got reverb )

But yes I intend to change the world with music and bring us all to a universal view through the art of shred. I hope my future music inspires conciousness. I am crazy but im totally down with that.
welcome and merry christmas!
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