My whole band treats me like ****. I've known them all a real long time, but lately they've been screwing with me more than usual. They broke into my truck stole all my school books and burned one of them. I gotta work more now to pay off the 80 dollar fine for the book to replace it. Then yesterday they stole all my cigars. I smoke like 5 a month but I always buy them ahead so I don't have to worry about it. I had about 40 bucks worth of those. So How do I get these guys to stop treating me the way that they are?
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Umm quit being a pushover and complaining to the Pit and do something / thread
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Seriously, you call these pricks friends?

I'm sorry man. You're pretty confused.
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yeah man, man up, ****ing lay one of em flat next time they do some **** like that
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Stop hanging out with them. I've stood up to people that did far less things than your friends do to you.
Seriously, don't surround yourself with people who do that to you. That goes beyond "screwing" with you.

Find some new/real friends.
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you're that guy. Seriously though, even though there's usually that one guy in a group that's singled out to entertain the rest and get through those uncomfortable silences or spouts of boredom, that's taking it waaaaaaay too far. If you still want to hang around with them, work on being stronger. They're most likely doing it to you because you're the weakest one, and you'll go along with it (you're a pushover, as said before). Man up and beat one of them down or something. And there's no way in hell you should be paying for the damages they did.

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yeah, i say ditch them and get to know some actual mature people
simply talk to them if they respond bad then live there **** in the dirt, its not the world thats bad its the people in it.
maybe for you visit the hug thread, youll feel much better after that
smash their drumset?

run their bass through a wood chipper?

run over the guitarists guitar with a lawn mower?

clip the wires inside the vocalists mics?

do any of the above (I don't know what position you are in the band).

also.... grow some ****ing balls.
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Are you even asking for the money back or what?
There's something wrong with you.
You should probably leave them or something. You know.

If not, I guess deal with it like a retard. Really though, those kinds of people aren't gonna change unless you're really badass or something. Which I doubt you are since they're using you as a little toy.
You're a better man than me.
tell the police you ****ing pushover
they are stealing from you not messing around
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You need a lesson in badass...You are a wuss, and they are alpha males.Chalange them to fistycuffs!
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fret-less is wrong on most of his other points though. And he's an idiot.
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