today i got a few picks, dunlop pink 0.96s and jazz 3s. I'm used to using the pink ones but heard that jazz 3s have a great reputation for giving crystal clear attack and all around great for shred guitar. but the small end seems to be giving me a bit of trouble, is it just that I'm not used to it? does it have to been worn down a bit from use?

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well yeah they take a little getting used to becasue of the small size. just play with them for an hour or so and you'll love them. i don't use anything else nowadays.
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Ive been playing with them for a few months. Its like instant speed and accuracy once you get used to them. Anything else I play with seems slow and clumsy.
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I don't really like them much for chording, but they're good for lead playing. I just use normal sized medium picks though.