First of all, I didnt really know where to put this thread, so excuse me if it's misplaced.

Now, yesterday I made myself a really nice amp through Guitar Rig 3.. I was wondering if there is any way to save these sounds on a pedal/interface, like the line 6 pod? Best of all would be If I could somehow 'load' this overdrive into a pedal, so I can use it on stage by just pressing it. If this isnt possible, is there any simliar device like the line 6 pod, where I can load my guitar rig amps and such into ?

Thanks in advance
It's impossible i'm afraid. Only way would be taking the laptop -> hooking it up to an amp, the software just isnt designed to be used on stage really.
You could use it onstage, just plug the laptop straight into the PA system and use the amp's in guitar rig 3.

They have live preset's so you can use it live.

You cant however save preset's onto a pod etc since it's totally diffrent amp setting's, effect's etc and the programming for the pod software, well it just wouldnt work.

But you can get a midi control pedal, plug it into a laptop and control guitar rig 3 with it, then plug your line out from the laptop, or even better get a USB sound interface and plug the sound interface into the PA system and use that.

It should sound pretty good imo.
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