I like this site.
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This strength is built and maintained by masturbation.
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I've never been to Ultimate-Gutar.com

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This man deserves my +1


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myspace = 344 million
youtube = 803 million

we're a long way off

Google bought YouTube for $2 Billion. Somewhat a bad investment.
Considering how many major websites/companies google owns I think google still wins.
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and knowing us we'd spend it on porn mags.
My red is so confident that he flashes trophies of war and
ribbons of euphoria
facebook: Net Worth : $481.8 Million
daily page view: 220000000


redtube: Net Worth : $44.61 Million
daily page view: 20370370
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how do you trip on acid? was your shoelace untied?

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Mikko, you remind me of a clogged up toilet. You're the poo that won't go away.
How many UG members are there?

Thats got to be enough to buy everybody a gibson and a nice tube amp, give the creators a nice healthy profit after that, then we all migrate to a new domain name.

Come on, surely?
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if he made ultimate-drums or ultimate band and amalgamated it or w/e in 10 years it would be worth 50 mil
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if googles ranked number 2.. wtf is number 1?..

Yahoo, apparently.
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...would you love me?
what about 4chan???
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wow, UG is worth more than blizzard
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graphs. graphs always work. my old work place had an awesome printer, so i was constantly making graphs.

that was until i made a graph of how much my boss pissed me off. but seriously dude, graphs.
UG = $5.16 Million USD
Harmony Central = $504919.1 USD

take that harmony central!
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...I mean if indians stood naked in front of me, i couldn't tell if they're hispanic or native american. unless they put on clothes

At first he was like...
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I love you, man. No homo

But then, he was like...
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I love you even more now. Slightly homo