Hello I have guitar Ibanez GRG 170DX, it kinds sucks because i play only 1 year but it's a great starting guitar for metal.

So I wanna change strings. Right now I have on Dean Markley Blue Steel but I will have to replace them. Current size is 9-42 I think.

I am thinking about buying ERNIE BALL 10-52 HEAVY BOTTOM SLINKY and ERNIE BALL 11-48 POWER SLINKY.

I heard that these strings are good with EMG magnets, but will I get better sound with a low price guitar? And also, will I have to do any adjustments if I change to any of those strings? I normally play in standard tuning and I rarely switch to half step down.

By the way you can also suggest me some other strings that you think that are great for heavy metal.

Thanks for further help!
Okay, question is why do you want such heavy strings when you're currently using such light strings.

Also, Ernie Balls are good (What I use) but I think there's better stuff around.
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Well I said that you guys can suggest me any strings you want then. So what would be the suggestion? You can suggest me any strings :P
If you have 9's on right now, putting on a heavier gauge will increase tension on the neck.. and you might have to make a slight truss adjustment. Which you might be able to do yourself after having a year under your belt.
But unless you have some nice equipment/amp, its going to be hard to tell much of a difference sound wise... but your bends will be a little harder to do.
(I play metal, on a Jackson RR5, and still use Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, which are the .9 gage ones. They sound just fine, imo.)
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