Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a tube amp that can be played decently for both bedroom levels and small gig's along with a drummer.

I mostly play blues, classic rock but also sometimes hard rock and metal...

Therefore, I'd need something :
- quite versatile
- around 15w-50w
- with master volume
- with 2 channels preferentially
- that costs around $500-$1000

Thanks for any recommandation
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Randall RG50TC. I got one a few days back and it's awesome. Listen to the demo's on youtube. For blues you just crack the clean drive's level all the way up and you get that natural overdrive. The distorion is pretty insane as well.
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well i like my VC15, ticks all the boxes if you like the tone of it

EDIT: probably not versatile enough on its own but the OCD really improves that

Yes I already had a looked on this one but i'm not sure it has master volume unfortunately
Laney AOR
Laney GH50L
Crate Palomino V32H
Crate V33H
Crate Blackheart Hothead
Epiphone Valve Senior (if they're ever released)
Epiphone So Cal 50
Ampeg R50H
Ampeg VL-502
Ampeg Super Jet
Ampeg Reverberocket
Ampeg Jet J20
What about Traynor YCV/YCS50 ? ENGL Screamer 50 maybe ?

Anyone tried them out ?
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just go for a small tube amp and mic it when you want to gig, maybe a tiny terror?

You don't even need to mic it at the normal small bar gig. Use a 4x12 and it will get by with most gigs, but with little clean headroom though
Orange tiny terror definetly, just use an OD to tighten up your tone for metal. For rock and blues, it'll be perfect.
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blues jr.? a little below price range, so you may be able to get something similar with two channels....but I use it with a few different distortion pedals and its a great amp
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Blues Jr. sounds good. Awesome classic rock/blues amp.
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