Hello everyone,I bought a Ibanez GRG 150 + Marshal amp about a month back,and will be getting a processor in the next week .

Till now I have learned common major and minor chords and I can simple songs.But I don't think I am learning guitar in a correct manner.My music basics are just blank.

I don't understand terms like Scales, Chops etc. I don't have any good guitar teacher nearby hence I am only referring to online tutorials on youtube.

I want to play punk and rock style music.I tried playing some tabs (riffs) from UG database,but I am facing problems while playing them as I can't play these tabs on their correct speed.Whenever I am trying to increase the speed Either I am hitting the wrong string or I am just missing the note.Its very demotivating

Please suggest me a syllabus,how should I continue further.And if possible please suggest me some online resources.
Well when I started playing I learned from www.cyberfret.com

But I there are better resources now.

Take a look at "the crusades" article. It's a long lesson and you will need to be patient. I know how you feel knowing nothing and it's all so much in go, but trust me on this if you patiently take it step by step, then it will come to you.

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Well, just learn some songs, using basic Chords, then look at the "LESSONS" link, on the top of this page, there's some very nice tutorials!
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If you live in a city with a good sized music store, many of them run music schools as well. I would ask specifically for a teacher that specializes in the type of rock/punk you like. At the school where I teach a new student can book a "trial" lesson to see if the teacher suits them. I always try to play a bit for my new students to let them know where I'm coming from as a player/performer. There are SO many styles in which you can learn...might as well find a teacher who can inspire you while giving you the fundamentals of technique, ect.
Don't get me wrong, on-line courses are great once you have the basics down but if my years teaching have taught me anything it's that it's much tougher to unlearn a bad habit than it is to learn something - and unfortunately, I often spend many months helping self-taught beginners rework problematic technique.
But most importantly just aspire to enjoy making sound as much as you enjoy listening to it. Good luck!