Cmaj7 8 10 10 9 0 0
Badd11 7 9 9 8 0 0
Bbadd #11 b9 (Bb for short) 6 8 8 7 0 0
Aadd9 5 7 7 6 0 0
Aadd #11 9 (A* for short) X 0 9 8 0 0
Dadd9 6 (D for short) 10 12 12 11 0 0

I'm trying to play a song with these chords and I'm having trouble finding a comfortable way to play it. For Cmaj7 I've been putting my index finger on 8, my ring and pinky finger on the 10's, and my middle finger on the 9. That kinda works but it's really uncomfortable and hard to keep from muted notes.

How would you play these chords? They're all very similar.
The Cmaj7 and all similarly fingered chords, I'd do it like you said. I actually do use those pretty frequently.

As for Aadd#11 9... I'd mute the low E with my index finger, use my pinky to hit the F#, and ring to hit the C#. Middle would be left free.
mm, well ur doing it right, it shdnt be that hard, just practice? and try not to let the bottom of ur fingers touch the other strings by lifting ur hand up a bit away from the neck. its not uncomfortable much really, just when u get ur hands used to it itl be fine


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