Got a jackson kvx10 that I changed pickups on but now I find the sound the be quite dark. Found EMG's passive pickups EMG-h4 and EMG-h4a that I want to get instead but now I'm wondering, will they fit in the pup sockets on my guitar? Looked around for specs on the guitar but couldn't find but there won't be any problems will there? Don't wanna buy them and find out they are to big to fit or something.
Don't waste your money on passive EMG's, if you're gonna buy something, buy something really good. I have HZ-H4's, and they're good, but not great.

Get a set of Duncans or something. And they'll probs fit, most humbuckers are almost exactly the same size.
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I got a pair of seymour in it right now. Gonna try those EMG's anyway, just wanna know if they fit:P
Or do you know some good ones that I could get? Play mostly thrash and heavy metal but should get good cleans aswell
I have the EMG HZs in one of my guitars and they're not half bad. If you have the extra cash you can't go past EMG actives though
Yeah I know, got active ones in my ex-400 but problem is I don't have room for the batteries on my jackson. Tho this doesn't have to be a problem, there are always solutions. could always buy emg-85 and -81 actives and make some room for them batteries