So, I just got a POD XT Live for christmas. I'm wondering how can I listen to it through my computer speakers/ record. All I have is a laptop with built in speakers and I don't know how to set it up so I can listen to what I play through them.

Anyone know?
And your PODxT didn't come with instructions? Anyway you hook up your POD to a computer via a USB cable. You install the drivers that came on the CD that came with your POD. If you lost your cd you can download the drivers from the Line 6 Site. If you want to record on your computer, you also need a program for that.(Cakewalk ect.) The soundcard on your computer also has to be able to handle multitracking, I had to upgrade my soundcard because most soungcards that come stock on computers can't handle recording (latency problems ect.) Your laptop soundcard probably can't handle it but that depends on your laptop i guess. Good Luck and have fun!
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