Chris, my dear friend! Good to see you around...checking out your new tune.
Listening now. I love the interplayed guitar work at the start. Vocals are cool, reminds me of some porcupine tree. the rhythm guitar in the verse is sweet. I love the drum fills in the chorus..
the octaved/harmonied guitar line is sweet once again. I like how spacey the high guitar lead guitar is after the second chorus. AH! nice little high note :P...kind of my thing. My only complaint is that its a little repetitive, just a hair. but the solo is awesome at the end..so I digress. Great job.

I haz a new one too!
Nice Song dude, if Funkedelicious was an adjective, the definition would be this. haha. Great song, every part in the song is well though out and individual in the piece. Awesome song, i really enjoyed it. Only thing i could say, is maybe turn up the vocals a bit. but really im impressed

crit me?

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Good use of overdubbing guitars in the intro. Nice clear recording. Drums don't sound bad at all. Bass well written. Vocals a little weak, sing with more enthusiasum and clarity to hear what you are singing. Lovely vocal harmonies.

Overall a good recording and a good song.
Hey chris,
I just realized that I never critted you back. Sorry. This sounds like Umphrey's Mcgee -- I don't know why -- but I love them so thats good. Its really good. The guitars great if only a tiny bit thin. Vocals are good and catchy.

Chris is back.

I love the bass tone. It is a little quiet (just a little).

You always have an interesting take on rock-based music. All of your songs (this one included) are really well thought through and constructed in interesting ways.

That intro section almost has an oriental feel and tonality to it. That's really cool.
The voice hits its peak in the middle section in terms of expression.
I feel the rhythm guitar could go down in the outro solo and the solo could go up.

All in all, I really like it.

I don't have anything in the forum to crit, but I have a bunch of new stuff on my profile you may or may not have heard. It's a bit of a turn for me, I'd love if you could check some of it out.
hey, your song "Who hurt you love?" is freakin' awesome!

great guitar tone, excellent bass lines, drums were actually pretty good as well, better than most on here.

Plus, your vocals are very smooth, and eery, which sounds quite different, and i think you use this quite well to your advantage.

Excellent Mix as well, everything seems to have come out quite well.

out of 5, i'd give you a 4.

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just looking for some feedback as to my vocals and mixing tips. Thanks man.
Just listened to who hurt you love. I really dig the guitar parts. The intro riff is really cool, would have liked to hear more of that throughout the tune. Its the riff that cuts back in at 1:20 or so, but then we like never hear it again. IMO that's the identity of the song, the coolest part, I would have focused more on building around that.

The parts with vocals though seem really soft. I want to say weak - not as in bad but just as in soft and I dunno like emotionless? Not sure they are doin justice to the cool riff you opened with on the tune!

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