Well my problem is that i think my fingers are too short... (i'm 16, soon 17, both of my brothers who are older and me have also got short fingers and so have my parents)

So yesterday i got my first guitar, i'vep layed roughly 3 hours and i'm strating to understand TABS better (i was able to understand them before i started playing)

So when i downlowaded the tabs for Nothing else matters i saw a chord which looks like this.


So i tried to put my fingers like that but i just couldn't reach both 5s, so i asked my brother who has been playing guitar for more than 10 years now how to do this, then he showed me and i asked how i should do that, well he saidt hat i should just try to stretch my fingers..

Has anyone of you got any tips on how to reach certain places which are hard to reach with short fingers?
dude youve been playing for 3 hours, and your worried you cant stretch far enough....ur fingers will stretch fine over time and itll be easy at some point even with short fingers...this is also why they make guitars in different scale lengths and fretboard width to accomodate everyone
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Don't start practicing chords within the first three hours, They can be rough to stretch since your hands are not used to that. Also, They might mute out the sound of the chord if you are not applying enough pressure. Which can also be frustrating.

Try learning some simple songs with chords near the head of the fretboard. They will be a bit easier to play.

What type of guitar did you get?

Merry Christmas,
Dude you just answered yourself. Your brother's been playing for 10 years, even tho he has short fingers. Besides, start with much easier songs. Not saying Nothing Else Matters is extremely hard, but due to fingerpicking is not something I'd choose for an immediate start.

As soon as you start learning chords your fingers will stretch, it just takes time. If it helps you, I also find that spot a bit tricky.
Okay! thank you guys!

Can you give me any tips on easy songs which also are fun to play?

The music which i like is metal/rock (more metal) so i'd prefer songs in these genres...!
Euchre i forgot to answer your question abotu what guitar i got

I got a Hohner HC06

I didn't choose it, i just asked for a guitar for christmas xD
well for power chords and solo, i learned smells like teen spirit....nothing else matters full intro was the first thing i ever played (def sloppy back then)
dont do anything too fast or a lot of picking, that takes a little bit to learn...maybe intro to one by metallica
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Quote by Akke920
my fingers are too short...

sorry if this sound kinda ass wholish( < made up word) but theres 5 yr old kids (seen on youtube) that play crazy songs on full scale guitars. so unless you hand is deform theres no way ur fingers are too short

I wanna be like does 5/6yr olds when i grow up (o_O )

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thanks nemjeff for your tips! I had actually downloaded One earlier today but i hadn't brought up the file in Guitar pro to look at the song! And i realized that the intro isn't hard att all but good for practicing your accuracy etc.!

Nagashiro, only thing deformed on my hands are my fingernails cause i've been biting on them since i was 5 years old and it's a bad habit which i'll try to stop after this year :P

Oh and about my fingertips... when they start hurting, should i stop playing guitar then?
Hurting is natural, that is your fingers building callouses.
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Okay, but i think i've played enough guitar for today!

been playing for about 4 hours today xD And i think i've learned enough!
Haha, funny one xD the problem is... 32 and 64 are impossible!

I just realized... playing guitar is a real timekiller!
Don't worry. I have short AND stubby fingers. You can get over most obstacles with practice and some good finger stretches.
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in due time you fingers will be as limber as a duck, dont quit now the fun has just begun
I have short fingers. I just suck it up and stretch my hands out.
I used to not be able to play chords like that when I first started cause I thought my hands were small, but I can play


relatively easy now. It's Just a few G notes, but it's a good stretch so keep practicing
Quote by Akke920
Haha, funny one xD the problem is... 32 and 64 are impossible!

I just realized... playing guitar is a real timekiller!

true. its better than sitting around for hours drinking or playing videogames though.
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true. its better than sitting around for hours drinking or playing videogames though.

It really is!

You can also get addicted to it...

But it's a better addiction than drinking and videogames! Because it's creative!

Atm i can play the intro to One (only the very beginning), Ironman intro, Could be able to play Nothing else matters the problem is that i forget the different notes etc.

Can also play some songs which are sung/played in my homecountry!
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dude I have tiny fingers, and I got hand cramps like a BITCH when learning to chord, even just powerchords. But as with every aspect of guitaring, just practise, practise, practise and you'll get better at stretching.

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Ok, take your right thumb and right index fingers, and put them in the gaps between your left index and middle and stretch you finger as far as you can. do this for all the other fingers including the ones on your left hand. over time, your fingers will adjust to the streching and so they will strech more. this help for me.
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i could only reach 2 frets apart when i first started [pitiful...yeah..] but now i can rreach 2 to 9 on the low frets easilly it gets easier the longer u play for...also stretch ur hand before u play and do warm ups its easier
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You think stretching on a guitar is hard...try it on bass. The top frets are killin me...lol (got small finners too).
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i don't think i'll have the problems of having short fingers - i'm 14 and 6ft 2. lanky or what! lol
I have small hands and I manage a Fender Precision bass with no problems. Its just going to take time and some concerted practice.
i was going to ask the same question but thank you i no longer have to ask it
your fingers cant be smaller than mine
Im asian.
but with practice and all that stuff i can stretch my index and pinky
to the point that the index is on the 1st fret and the pinky on the 7-8th fret (barely)
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Watch a 10 year old shred the **** out of a guitar and dare say your fingers are too short:p
I doubt it's possible to have too short fingers unless you're a VERY short midget or something.
When I first started, it was difficult for me to reach from the 1st to the 4th fret, and I dont have short fingers. The flexibility comes with time. Take it gradually - you can hurt yourself if you force yourself to stretch more than you are ready for.
I've only been playing guitar for about 3 months... at the start I found stretching across 2 frets really hard. I average 1 hour of practice every day and found my fingers and hands have really loosened up.

Stick with it, it will get much easier for you.
As Freepower said, it's all posture. And over time you'll develop the flexibility to make almost any stretch no matter how small your hands are. Here's some examples of how little a difference it really makes:



i have extremely short fingers (same length as girls wth!! and yes i am asian, by girls i mean asian girls)
it takes me more than 1month to complete Bm chord!! (my friend learned guitar with me and he did Bm on the first day !!)
i was so upset and even wanted to give up guitar cuz "short fingers" at that time
then one day i checked youtube....an armless guy use his feet to play guitar! and sounds really awesome ...........................i was totally shocked and inspired~~ i am so lucky at least i have a normal hands !! so i picked up my guitar again and started to practice almost everyday for 1~2hours. sometimes holiday i will play for 5~6hours

now i can reach 3 5 8frets with my "short fingers" and play satch's songs like surfing with alien xD
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