i just got a set of Zakk Wylde EMGs for christmas, i can't get two of the volume/tone knobs off( this is on a ESP/LTD with 2 volumes and one tones). so i was wondering if the EMGs will work ok with the 500k pots that are already in the guitar.
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doh! my bad! you need 25k pots

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You have to use the 25k pots that came with them or they won't sound right or work right. Just keep trying knobs off they'll come sooner or later. I've ran into that problem before too and they will come just don't give up.
25k, howcome they wont come off?
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Nah the 500ks are much higher in resistance so will probably sound weird, might work though, just not that great.

just take the guitar to a tech if you cant get the knobs off, although it shouldnt be too hard?

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From what EMG says a 500k pot acts more like a switch. So as you turned it there would be little or no change then bang it would change. And probably lose alot of output. The pots come with a set of pickups when you buy em so might as well change you have to do the output jack anyways.
itll be so quiet and have no gain. just take the knob, go under it with a pick and pry it off with a screwdriver when it starts to come off. or maybe you have the types of knobs with the screw on the side that you have to loosen first....
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