so heres the deal i was supposed to get money from my parents to help me pay for my splawn and i ended up being able to pay it off without there help. now they feel bad so they're willing to pay for a something equal to what thye paid for my little brother. so lets say i have about 200$

i was thinking i buy a:

1 fulltone ocd to replace the boss bd-2
2 buy a pedalboard so i can be organized on stage and at rehearsals
3 save up and buy an orange tiny terror because those things are just bitchin

i have a pretty decent job for a 17 year old so money really isnt an issue

i plan on getting all of these things but which do you guys think i should get first

if you have any other suggestions as to whawt i should get let me know im really up for anything new

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.