Hey guys whats up? So I've been on myspace a lot lately. Before I continue, let me be clear that the only reason that I enjoy myspace is because of the new bands that I stumble upon. Besides music, myspace is a ridiculous waste of time. Just my opinion.

Anways, I've been looking through the 500 or so band friends that I have, and I have come across a few that I thought were worth sharing with you guys. So if you get a chance, check em out and let me know what you think.


1.) Corpus Christi. Overall incredible. Nice guitar work, good double bass, and a good mixture of screaming/clean vocals. Listen to their first song "Parade of Scars"

2.) Rest Among Ruins. First 3 songs are good.

3.) Dead By April. "Losing You" is legit.

4.) Glamour Of The Kill. "Rise From Your Grave" or "A Hope In Hell"

5.) Oblige. Sick double bass in the beginning of "Run And You'll Only Die Tired". "Flesh Peel" is also good.

6.) Bless The Fallen. THIS IS NOT BLESS THE FALL. Listen to "albright" at 1:30 in for the fastest double bass that I have ever heard. I've heard all the remarks about how its fake, and I don't need to hear anymore. Why can't people just ****in rock out and enjoy music?!

7.) Secret And Whisper. If you like Saosin, then I think you would like this band. Check out "Spider Besider" and "XOXOXO"

8.) Cry Of The Afflicted. First song is good.

9.) Manntis Some of you have probably heard of Manntis. They are a pretty solid band. Listen to whatever song you want.

10.) Destroy The Runner. Listen to anything. If it's on their myspace page, Pallbearer is a good song.

That's all for now. If you guys like this list then I will post more!
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I had to youtube all of them because the myspace player seems to be not working on my comp. That being said, you need to change the thread title because it is unbelievably misleading. All these bands are amazingly boring. Nothing stuck out at all. The only one I couldn't get any material on was Corpus Christi so they may be alright but I can't say anything until I listen to them, besides that the rest of the bands were mediocre at best.
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haha you sir are an idiot. would you mind telling me some band that you like?

EDIT: If you have to youtube Bless The Fallen, the double bass part is somewhere around 1:00 instead of 1:30. The drummers double bass is the only reason that I put this band in the list.
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^ to be fair, his response was fairly reasonable, therefore doesnt deserve comments like that or any kind of provocation. why turn this into a 'my music taste is better than yours' thread?

and i also agree, none of those bands stuck out for me.
I'm still waiting for someone to post some bands that they like so I can figure out where I went wrong...
maybe its because you just posted a lot of generic 'metalcore' bands?
Please do yourself a favor and check out Botch
and tell me that you know Converge otherwise this is doomed to fail
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I'm still waiting for someone to post some bands that they like so I can figure out where I went wrong...

converge. start there
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here's what i've been spinnin' lately:

Elliot Smith - http://www.myspace.com/elliotsmithhh
(i don't have the songs on his myspace, so not sure what those sound like)

God Fodder - http://www.myspace.com/fodgodder

Spazz - http://www.myspace.com/spazzflowerpower

Jean Mills Society Torch
(pv band from MD, no site, no myspace, just play shows word of mouth, ASK if you want to hear)

Aphex Twin - http://www.myspace.com/selectedambientworksii

Khere - http://www.myspace.com/khere

L'antietam - http://www.myspace.com/antietamnh

Jeromes Dream - http://www.myspace.com/jeromesdream

Library Tapes - http://www.myspace.com/librarytapes

Ampere - http://www.myspace.com/amperepunx

Beverly Kenney - http://www.myspace.com/beverlykenney

Béla Bartók - http://www.myspace.com/belabartokspace

György Ligeti - http://www.myspace.com/gyorgyligeti
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Yea I've heard of Converge. They don't really do it for me. I checked out Blotch and it was kinda the same thing. Idk, maybe it will grow on me.

Anyways, I was just trying to share some bands that I have recently discovered and liked. If you don't like them thats fine with me. Thanks to the last 3 people for given me a few bands to listen to instead of just saying that the ones I posted were horrible. Maybe I'm in the wrong forum or something.

SadistNation, I'm not sure how those bands fit into this thread, but I do enjoy a lot of those bands. haha just wasn't expecting a post on em. So thanks again for the post.
^^^yeah converge definitely takes awhile to grow on you, well they did for me at least. try this, next time youre pissed off, then listen to them. thats how i got into converge actually haha. botch is also a really underrated band that norma jean got alot of stuff from, some even think they're a botch cover band, but thats up to you to decide lol.
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R.I.P. Shaun Hand from Metal Sucks. He leaked this album and now Jake Bannon is going to crush his skull
God damn, how do you guys listen to so many bands I've never heard of? I've never heard of any of the bands Jd posted, I listen to Aphex Twin and Ampere from Sadist's list (both of which rule by the way), and I haven't heard of any of the bands Garden of Light posted.

You guys must either have been into hardcore for several years or you just buy and download a ton of ****.
for anyone into powerviolence type stuff i recommend you check out these guys


and the **** they have on their page is pretty funny as well

"Listening To Us Or Watching Us Play Is Like Walking In On Yourself While You Are Having A Huge Sweaty Wank, You Are Left Standing There In Total Shock & Amusement & Have No Idea What Do Or Say Because You Know Quite Well Having A Sweaty Wank Is One Of The Greatest Things That You Can Ever Do, But when You Climax & In Those Few Seconds Of Bewilderment & Confusion As Yor Mind Is Rushed With Endorphins You Reach For A Tissue & Or Old Grey Gym Sock & Wipe Up The Civilisation Off Your Chest, For a Few Seconds You Realise You Are somewhat Of a God"
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^^ Do you actually have any of their music? I can never find any.

yeah i have all their stuff

ive tried finding the rapidshare for people a few times and have never found it again
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Bon Iver, Nasum, Suis La Lune and CIV are the shit. I'll have to check out the rest.
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Man, you guys like double-bass? Do you guys know how good this double-bass in all these bands is? Dude, double-bass.



@ your series of posts
Bon Iver, Nasum, Suis La Lune and CIV are the shit. I'll have to check out the rest.

Make sure you check out Ghostlimb, they're so good. Also, if you haven't heard Judge, you should probably be fired from hardcore.