I got a Digitech RP150 for Christmas, and it has an input jack for an expression pedal. Do I need to get a specific one from Digitech, or would anyone work?

I don't know much about Expression pedals, so these may seem like stupid questions.

So would anyone recommend a certain pedal for me. I am willing to spend up 75 dollars for this, but I don't know really how much these things cost.
Email THEM and ask.
easiest answer.
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RPs can use any expression pedal.
I recomend a combo Volume pedal/Expression pedal.
So when your not using the RP you can use a volume control.
Whats an expression pedal ?
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Quote by Jaymz92
Whats an expression pedal ?

Its for effects like the wah, whammy, and tremelo. It changes the effect from 2 different settings.
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why not just return the rp150, and get the rp250?

They didn't have it. They weren't carrying it, or it was sold out or something along those lines.